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Varicose Veins Specialist

ABC Medical Center

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At least 20% of adults develop varicose veins at some point. These large and ropelike veins often appear prominently on the legs. Along with the cosmetic issues, varicose veins can cause a burning sensation in your legs as well as feelings of soreness and tiredness. At ABC Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, skilled physician Ricardo Martinez, MD, and his team of expert providers treat your varicose veins on-site. Call the office or use online scheduling for an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, too.

Varicose Veins Q & A

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are veins that bulge out from your skin. They’re usually red, blue, purple, or pink and are often twisted in random patterns through the legs. 

Varicose veins are visible, so they might make you feel uncomfortable wearing shorts or a bathing suit. They’re sometimes a problem in other ways, too. 

In rare cases, severe varicose veins have been linked to serious vascular diseases like deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot in the deep leg veins). This means that varicose veins are a medical problem requiring assessment and treatment.

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?

Varicose veins are clear to see, but in addition to their unwelcome appearance on your legs, you may also have symptoms such as: 

  • Aching legs
  • Leg tiredness
  • Heavy feeling legs
  • Leg cramps, particularly at night
  • Itchy legs
  • Discolored skin around the veins

All of these problems are strong reminders to get a varicose vein assessment as soon as possible. Usually, in-office varicose vein treatment at ABC Medical Center can remedy the cosmetic and physical issues.

What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins originally start as ordinary healthy veins. But, unhealthy valves inside the veins lead to reflux, which means blood flowing in the wrong direction. 

Blood flowing downward rather than up to your heart leads to blood pooling. In turn, the pooled blood expands your vein walls and the affected veins bulge out from your skin. 

The reason for the unhealthy valves isn’t always clear, but if you fit any of the following categories, you have a higher risk of varicose veins:

  • Older age
  • Female
  • Overweight or obese
  • Pregnant
  • Regular long periods of standing or sitting
  • Other family members have varicose veins
  • Previous leg blood clots

If you’re at risk for varicose veins but don’t have any symptoms right now, the ABC Medical Center team can help you take preventive steps like losing weight, getting more exercise, and avoiding prolonged standing or sitting.

How do you treat varicose veins?

At ABC Medical Center, the experienced providers offer on-site varicose vein treatments. The method used can depend on your needs, but common treatment approaches include injections (sclerotherapy), laser treatments, and sealing veins with medical adhesive. 

For comprehensive varicose vein diagnosis and treatment, use the online scheduler or call the office nearest you to arrange your appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome.